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South Dakota Hunting Dogs

Gun Dog Training (6-8 weeks)

Basic Retriever Training (3-4 Months in Addition to Gun-Dog Training)

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Basic Obedience (sit, here, heel), Force Fetch & Collar Fetch Collar Conditioning Quartering Marking Drills Dead-Bird Drills.

Gun Dog Training (6-8 weeks)

Force to Pile Whistle Sit Three-Hand Casting T-Pattern Swim-By & Water Force Doubles Steady to Shot General. All dogs have current vaccinations and Bordetella Charges are assessed for veterinarian services. Payment for the first two weeks of training is due at the time of delivery. Subsequent billing is monthly. Bi-weekly progress reports are provided.

• 4x GMPR Quivern' in the Mist MH
• 4x GMPR TDK's Little Ann's Makin Dust MH
• 2x GMPR MPK's Diamond Boss Liz MH
• 4x GMPR Cashmans Super Trooper MH
• GMPR Santa Fe's Contender Tyra MH
• 4x GMPR Sam's Creek Mighty Warrior MH
• 4x GMPR STK's Tub Full of Mallard MH
• GMPR Bo Knows High Caliber SH
• GMPR Rockin Rookie of East Point JH
• CPR Roux's Golden Diamond in the Rough QAA
• Wallace Pretty Lady MH
• GMPR Denver's High Flyer Jetta SH
• 1.5 GMPR TDK's Sauk Dakota Juice Thunder and Lightning Thor
• GMPR BPK's Annie's Awesome Jem
• MPR TGK's Michael's Swamp Gator SH
• GMPR Black Jack Boudey
• GMPR Murphy's Kierra of TGK JH
• MPR Brewmaster Jack
• APR High Caliber's Winning Ticket JH
• APR TGK's Return of the Jedi JH
• APR CA Bella of Rosa Iowa Pointing Labs JH
• APR Cashman's Risky Raiders Kate JH
• CPR Cashman's Risky Raiders Brandi JH
• CPR Cashman's Risky Raiders Red-Dee
• CPR Cashman's Risky Raiders In Vaider
• CPR Cashman's Risky Raiders Aspen

South Dakota

Hunting Dog Training

CPR Cashman's Cattail Molly
• CPR HPK's California Dreamin JH
• CPR Tiger Mnt Last Chance Winchester Magnum JH
• CPR Chubbuka of Wild Wood JH
• CPR Tatianiania of Wild Wood
• Coopers Wrangling up Some Zoom Juice JH
• CPR Gypse of Rock Hard Pointing Labs
• APR Lhotak's Hot Teagun JH
• MPR Highpoint's Mellow Yellow Quinn
• P D Drake of Miss Jenna MNH QAA
• Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds MH
• APR TGK's Sir Agustus
• APR BPK's Some Call Me Sammy
• CPR Gimlis Axe JH
• CPR Buck's Lucky Faith JH
• CPR BPK's Annie's Awesome Gem
• CPR Tracies Precious Casey
• CPR Sauk River's Bearpoint Gem
• CPR Dakota Diamond's Cocoa
• CPR High Calibers Rock Star JH
• CPR Buddy of Windsor Heights JH
• CPR Egan River Bottoms Yella Bella
• CPR TDK's Jo
• CPR Lhotak's Shooten Sadie JH
• Lhotak's Red Jazmin JH

Dogs we have had the honor of fully training or completed part of their training and testing at

Golden Oak Kennels:

South Dakota Hunting Dogs

Golden Oak Kennels South Dakota hunting dogs is proud to offer gun dog training, hunt test training and pointing training. We currently run dogs in hunt tests, American pointing lab tests and limited field trials. We have access to over 6,000 acres that offer numerous varieties of training from upland, land, to technical water. In 2009 we put up a 30 by 40 foot building that is set up for training and indoor/outdoor kennels. 


South Dakota Hunting Dogs

Per Month: $600
Handling Fee Per Hunt Test: $50
Transportation Fee: $50
Ducks: $11
Pheasants: $15
Pigeons: $3

Chucker: $8

South Dakota Hunting Dogs