This caliber of started dogs is hard to find. Currently training a black male and yellow female out of 4x GMPR Quivern' in the Mist and GMPR Rockin’ Rookie of East Point SH. Two great dogs. Learning fast and will be ready by the end of June. This female is GMPR material if you’re looking for one to play the test game with.

South Dakota

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Running singles out to 150 yards. Force fetch, collar conditioned, just started upland bird work. Nice, smaller male and good looks. Is a very good marking dog. Guided pheasant hunts last fall and had some really nice points. This dog is experienced and ready to go.

Loaded pedigree out of FC AFC Jazztime's hanging chad and a master hunter female. Yellow factored. Just finished force fetch and collar conditioning. Running marks and has had some birds shot over her. Smaller dog with some go. Has been raised around kids. Great family 
hunting Companion.

Chocolate male from 3.5 x GMPR Roux's Golden Diamond in the Rough (Teka) MH QAA and 4x GMPR Iowa Pointing labs Grizzly SH | $3500

Please feel free to give us a call or email if any of these interest you. We can adjust training to fit your needs.

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Male and Female Out of 4x GMPR x GMPR Breeding

South Dakota Hunting Dogs

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Dakota is force fetched, trained, collar conditioned, whoa broke, and has some basic handling work. She has been hunting three seasons and has one of the best points I have seen out there in the pointing lab world. If you’re looking for a family dog that can hunt with the best, this is the female for you. 

One Year Old Black Female | $3000

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Three Year Old Yellow Female With CPR & Junior Hunter Title | $4000

Hunting Dogs South Dakota